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Live the Present

How captivating are “simple” things: the smell of a flower; the sound of the wind; the song of a bird; the rhythm of the ocean.

When did we lose the ability to be amazed by such wonders? Why did we stop being in awe of the symmetry of a wild flower?

Is it because we live in overpopulated concrete cities? What about the laughter of a child, or the smile of an old woman? What about the grandeur of a well-designed high-rise, or the strength of a train?

There is majesty all around us. Things that we may take for granted. The sunshine after the darkest night; the rainbow after the fiercest storm; the embrace of a friend after the deepest hurt.

What happened to us? When did we stop dreaming? When did we cease to admire and respect life? Perhaps it was when we decided to live in a hurry. It seems that fast paced living is the world’s motto. Everything must be “instantaneous”. People want faster cars, phones, and computers; individuals long for shortcuts to riches and success.

But I believe the greatest things in life only come with time. Furthermore, time itself is a blessing. I believe the richest person on earth is the one that has time to stop along the way to lay on the grass; the wisest is the one who takes time to scrutinize a flower; and the most privileged one who closes the umbrella to feel the rain drops hitting the face.

Pause your world and admire its delicate intricacy. I am convinced the awareness of the “small” things is medicine to our body, and the appreciation of them is medicine to our soul.


by Gabriel Hinojosa


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